The Guy with the British accent stole my heart in 2012 ❤️†
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3.24 “The Divine Move” episode summary:
After making a full recovery and helping her friends decimate the nogitsune Allison returns to France with her father to enjoy some well-earned relaxation. She enjoys frequenting quaint coffee shops and dragging her father round all the tourist sights (even though they’ve both seen them hundreds of times before). And, if homesickness ever hits, she’s only a skype call away from her best friend who loves spending weekends with her (and the Parisian boutiques) and her phone is always buzzing with whatsapps and snapchats from the boys.



How can you have the pretension not making fun of Ross when even his family (his little brother!!) and his friends makes fun of him??

Isaac “I’m not witty” Lahey


Austin Moon + his dear teddy bear


Make Me Choose Meme: 
mismatched-socks-with-polka-dots and Anonymous asked: Auslly or Raura

rydelss-bitches also asked: Auslly or Deztin


→ anonymous asked: ross or austin?